Dignified Work for All

We will work so that each European country — inside or outside the EU — guarantee a job to residents in their own community at the living wage that contributes to the community and liberates Europeans from the pressure to migrate to other cities or countries.


Jobs Guarantee

We call to guarantee decent jobs for all European residents who seek one

We call on all European countries to reach a multilateral agreement to guarantee decent jobs for all European residents who seek one. The Jobs Guarantee will empower local authorities to employ millions of people in useful jobs, and it will provide wages to millions of workers in areas like social care that are currently unpaid. Through this Jobs Guarantee, we can end the twin crisis of unemployment and forced migration in Europe.

European Apprenticeship Contract

Provide greater mobility for young workers to pursue opportunities abroad

We propose the creation of a European apprenticeship contract that will provide greater mobility to young workers to pursue opportunities abroad. The common contract will be valid in all countries in the European Union, allowing young people to do an apprenticeship in any company registered in the EU.

A Better Youth Guarantee

Expand access to training and meaningful work across all member-states

The Youth Guarantee has supported many young people to enter work and acquire skills — but many young people still lack access to opportunities for training or decent work. We propose a strengthened Youth Guarantee. We will enforce higher rates of investment across Member-States in order to expand access to training and meaningful work. We will call for greater oversight of Youth Guarantee placement in order to ensure that jobs are not only decent — but also offer the opportunity to pursue a professional career. We will directly coordinate with youth organisations to help deliver this improved Youth Guarantee, empowering them to launch their own ventures.